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Kostudio | - Black Ratsnake Photo

Common Name: Black Ratsnake
Scientific Name: Elaphe o. obsoleta
Characteristics: Usually docile natured with weakly keeled dorsal scales.
Habitat: Houses, Barns, Fields, Brushlands, woodlands, and streams.
Size: May exceed 6 feet in length.
Indentifying Marks: This shiny black reptile normally exhibits traces of its spotted juvenile pattern (light cross bars of white, cream or yellow) throughout its adult life. The belly is light colored with alternating blotches that create a checkerboard effect.
Diet: Rodents and other warm blooded prey including birds and their eggs.
Breeding: Usually 10-14 chalky white eggs deposited in loose soil.
Myths and Lore:
Venom Effects: Non-Venomous
Pet Potential: I'd rate this one as having decent pet interest bearing in mind it's size and the need for a larger habitat.
Additional Info:

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