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Common Name: Common Watersnake
Scientific Name: Nerodia s. sipedon
Characteristics: It is considered West Virginias most defensive snake species.
Habitat: Very common and found all over the state near small streams, ponds, rivers, and other bodies of water.
Size: May exceed 4 feet in length
Indentifying Marks: The scales are heavily keeled. On this snake the dorsal color pattern is a series of reddish-brown to black blotches on a background of pale gray to dark brown. Their yellow to orange belly is liberally marked with dark crescent-shaped blotches.
Diet: Fish, Frogs, and other aquatic animals.
Breeding: Up to 50 young 6-9 inches long are born annually
Myths and Lore: The biggest myth involves this particular snake being venomous. This is completely false and is due to people calling it a water mocassin thus confusing it with a venomous snake not found in WV.
Venom Effects: Does not have venom.
Pet Potential: Due to it's defensive behavior, semi aquatic habitat, and diet I would rate this one as only mildly appealing to potential pet owners.
Additional Info:

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