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Common Name: Eastern Milksnake
Scientific Name: Lampropeltis t. triangulum
Characteristics: A docile snake with smooth scales and a single anal plate.
Habitat: Various
Size: Seldom exceeds 40 inches in length.
Indentifying Marks: This spotted snake has a row of large brown or reddish brown blotches on a background of gray along its back and smaller blotches along the sides which alternate with the larger dorsal ones. The belly is white with black checkerboard markings
Diet: Primarily rodents however they have been known to consume a variety of animals including rodents, eggs, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.
Breeding: Between 3-20 small white eggs deposited in loose soil.
Myths and Lore: Name comes from the erroneous folk lore that it enters barns and attaches itself to the udder of a cow and drinks her milk.
Venom Effects: Non-Venomous
Pet Potential: Milksnakes are a staple in the pet industry due to their coloring, docile nature, and relatively small size.
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