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Common Name: Northern Black Racer
Scientific Name: Coluber c. constrictor
Characteristics: Another relatively docile species this snake is slender and gloosy black with smooth dorsal scales.
Habitat: Moist woodlands and fields.
Size: Grows to around 6 feet in length.
Indentifying Marks: Snake is glossy black with a white chin and throat.
Diet: Birds, small mammals, amphibians, and reptiles.
Breeding: Approximately 25 off-white eggs are deposited in loose soil or sawdust piles.
Myths and Lore:
Venom Effects: Non-Venomous
Pet Potential: I would rate this snake to have decent pet potential bearing in mind it grows to 6 feet and would require a larger habitat than most.
Additional Info: The banded juvenile pattern slowly disappears as the snake grows larger, and the snake is completely black by the time it reaches 30 inches in length.

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