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Ondreicka | - Northern Pine Snake Photo

Common Name: Northern Pinesnake
Scientific Name: Pituophis m. melanoleucus
Characteristics: Pine snakes have a distinctive audible hiss.
Habitat: Woodlands
Size: May attain a length over 6 feet.
Indentifying Marks: This spotted snake has black or dark brown blotches on a white or light gray background.
Diet: Small mammals and other warm blooded prey.
Breeding: Between 3-24 whitish colored eggs are laid annually
Myths and Lore:
Venom Effects: Non-Venomous
Pet Potential: I would rate this one as having a mild pet interest bearing in mind it's size and the need for a larger habitat.
Additional Info: In West Virginia it is known from only one section of Monroe County where just one specimen has been collected.

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