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By Chris Falt (originally posted to Flickr as Redbelly Snake) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Common Name: Northern Red-Bellied Snake
Scientific Name: Storeria o. occipitomaculata
Characteristics: Usually a docile snake.
Habitat: Occurs throuout WV in wooded areas.
Size: Usually less than 16 inches in length.
Indentifying Marks: May have light brown stripe down it's back, 3 distinct yellowish spots on it's head, and a red belly. An estimated 10% of these snake occuring in WV have grey or black bellies.
Diet: Slugs and other invertebrates.
Breeding: As many as 13 young around 3 inches long.
Myths and Lore: None at this time.
Venom Effects: Non-Venomous
Pet Potential: I would rate this one as a decent candidate for domestication.
Additional Info: None at this time.

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