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Photo Courtesy of: Miranda Zirkle

Common Name: Northern Ring-Necked Snake
Scientific Name: Diadophis punctatus edwardsii
Characteristics: A very docile and abundant snake.
Habitat: Rotting logs, piles of dead leaves, and under rocks.
Size: Rarely exceeds 20 inches.
Indentifying Marks: Distinctly marked with a bright yellow or orange belly, a glossy bluish gray or black back, and a bright yellow neck band.
Diet: Insects and small animal life.
Breeding: Up to 10 small white eggs are laid per clutch.
Myths and Lore:
Venom Effects: Mildy venomous with similar effects to a bee sting slight swelling, itching, and burning have been reported.
Pet Potential: It's docile nature, small size, and bright colors make it of interest to the pet trade.
Additional Info:

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