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Welcome to Snake Savvy

Your one stop to learn anything and everything there is to know about snakes. Parts of the site are still under construction as we're a relatively new site. That doesn't mean there's no useful information here as I'm working hard and constantly updating with new info, images, videos, and more. This summer will see the launch of our YouTube herping series attempting to find and catalogue all of the 20-21 species known to exist in the state of West Virginia as I continue to build the site. Some updates are obvious while others are in the background when I upload a new species or state page you can easily tell yet what you couldn't tell by looking is the entire site has been converted over to PHP allowing me to simplify the coding involved and make faster updates and additions to the site via calling in code such as the header, footer, and side bars with almost all styling being seperated into CSS files to further simplify the site. I know enough to build a website and am learning enough to make it great as I go. Stay tuned and throw a bookmark to us as this site will be the largest online snake site in the world when it's finished and will continue to grow until every single known snake species in the world is catalogued and featured on our site.

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Let me start by saying welcome to Snake Savvy. Here you can learn and get educated on behavior, habitats, species, identifying, and understanding our slithering reptile friends. We're always working on updating and contunually checking, modifying, and building our database of information. The video above is from our Youtube channel and is our first. You'll find out this spring and summer that we intend to make Youtube a major part of the site and do identification and herping video series. Our first video is a short one but one that I captured last summer while out herping and it shows a Northern Water Snake (Nerodia sipedon) in his usual evening hang out. This is a fascinating reptile species and one that is easily found around most bodies of water. Check out the video and be sure to subscribe to our channel as we start expanding our fan base.

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